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Pennine Training Services, recognises that it is impracticable for all businesses to use classroom based learning, therefore, we provide approved and accredited eLearning courses that bridge the gap and are a great solution to classroom based training.  Pennine Training Services provides a suite of eLearning courses including: Health & Safety, Health & Social Care and Business Skills courses, at all levels from the basics to advanced levels. We believe we are leaders in our field, providing the very best on-line e-Learning courses.

Courses are approved by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, CPD certification Service, Insitution of Fire Engineers, International Institute of Risk & Safety Management, Laser Learning Awards and  ETA Awards.

We believe that it is important that you get the best from the on-line e-learning courses we provide, therefore, the focus is on you and having a learning experience that is valuable, rewarding and enjoyable.

Virtual learning environment

Our video e-learning provides a completely new, highly effective medium through which to deliver online training A powerful combination of embedded presenters, live video footage and animated graphics immediately grabs learner interest and holds attention.

Face-to-face eye contact builds trust, triggers emotion and delivers a memorable tone and style, while communicating the essence of the learning content.The overall result is increased learner engagement and the creation of a lasting, positive impression.

All of our courses are certificated on successful completion of the course. Learners have the opportunity to work at their own pace, from work, home, on a bus, or literally anywhere that has an internet connection.

Pennine Training Services works in partnership to provide our RoSPAIATPCPDIIRSMIFELaser & ETA approved courses are owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and are distributed under licence.



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